Orthopedics - Mobility & Joints

"Progress and achievements can be seen after just a short time with orthopedic rehabilitation. The result is clear:...about 75 percent of the guests who arrive here on crutches after joint replacement surgery are able to return home walking without aids"

OA Dr. Johannes Fischlein
Head of the Department of Orthopaedic Rehabiliation

In orthopedic rehabilitation, the focus is on the rehabilitative care after total hip and knee prostheses. But also shoulder and the rare ankle replacement surgery, degenerative diseases, problems of the spine or femoral fractures are covered. 

On the first day the ward doctor begins with the diagnostic evaluation and general examination. The specialists are then in attendance at the orthopedic examinations and physical tests in the afternoon of the day of arrival. The test analyzes the range of motion of the joints, gait, muscle strength, the statics of the body, the leg length ratios and the pain patterns.
Individually scheduled therapies start from the second day. These are adjusted accordingly during the whole three week period.

The objective of treatment depends on the individual status and the living situation of the guests. Young people usually want get back to their jobs and in their social environment quickly. For older people, who no longer work, the objective is mostly about pain relief, quality of life and independence.

The wide range on offer in the fields of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, electrotherapy and mental health care offer a paticularly good basis for individual therapy orientation. "A hallmark of our clinic is this wealth of holistic services paired with an individual approach from doctors and therapists. We aim to provide the guests with full care,  to assist them in anyway required - and with plenty of humanity, warmth and feeling".

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