Neurology - Nerves & Brain

After heart disease and cancer, strokes are the third most common cause of death and the leading cause of severe disability in adults. In Austria, about 20.000 people are affected each year. Of this an impressive 1.000 stroke victims - or about one in 20 sufferers in Austria - are cared for in the Klinik Pirawarth.

Recognition of the individual disorders

On the first day the ward physician examines the guest and creates a treatment plan. On the medical side, in addition to the general examination, an ECG (heart examination) and if necessary a duplex sonography (examination of the carotid artery to check for narrowing and changes) and a swallowing evaluation are carried out.

In the afternoon, as part of an interdisciplinary therapists assessment the guest meets representatives from each treatment area. The speech therapists only work specially with those guests who have difficulty in speaking or swallowing. On the second day, the neurological medical specialists deal individually with each new arrival. If necessary, the treatment plan and the prescribed medication may be optimized again - always in consultation with the guest and/or relatives concerned.

Therapy objectives

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to restore the physical, mental and social health.

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