LSVT-BIG® Lee Silverman Voice Treatment


What is LSVT-BIG®?

LSVT-BIG® is an intensive, amplitude-based exercise programme for the motor function of the limbs and trunk. It is the "reprogramming" of the sensorimotor system and thus has an impact on many levels of motion, such as speed, balance and amplitude. LSVT-BIG® is a new approach to treating idiopathic Parkinson's disease.

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Who is best suited to LSVT-BIG® treatment?

Patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease in an early stage (Hoehn and Yahr 1-3) with the cardinal symptom of bradykinesia or hypokinesia (slowness or reduction of movements ) are idealy suited for this type of therapy.

Other therapeutic measures are recommended for severe balance disorders, severe pain, blockades, freezing, cognitive limitations, another cardinal symptom or immobility.

What is the objective of LSVT-BIG® ?

The main objective of LSVT-BIG® is to improve the range of motion based on high intensity and great exertion as well as the ability to transfer this into everyday life.

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