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Movement makes for independence - after a stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or other diseases  limitations to indepence in everyday life and leisure can occur.

The support of patients affected in achieving maximum independence in daily life is paramount in physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treats the body holistically and by using special treatments such as Bobath, PNF, Small Bird Bach and functional training endeavours to reduce, to eliminate or to teach the patient to learn to compensate for the dysfunction.

Furthermore, guests are cared for after e.g. the implantation of an artificial joint, spinal diseases or operations and patients with pain disordersn. Again here the achievement of maximum independence in daily life is paramount..

Different objectives will be jointly agreed depending on the severity of the impairment, guests own ideas or members of the family, the current capabilities and domestic situation of the guest  (e.g. able to walk safely around the house and outdoors, can use the toilet independantly, walk up stairs, has functional arm movements in daily life).

In our clinic the focus of treatment is on the special care in individual therapy. Within the therapy unit, the therapist creates situations in which the person concerned can exercise the processesand movements which he is having trouble with.

It is crucial to find a non-exclusive concept, instead to find measures to which the best outcomes are achieved or the guest best responds to.

If necessary, an individual exercise program is compiled, which the guest can continue with by himself after the rehabilitation stay. On request we can give you contact addresses for the follow-up by a physiotherapist/at the home.

Numerous group therapies such as Parkinson's groups, spine groups, pelvic floor groups, training group and underwater groups are offered in the clinic in addition to individual therapy and to assist the patient in achieving the objectives.

The locomotion theapy is offered (treadmill with body weight support) as a specific gait and movement training
A special offer from our clinic is the neurological plaster for tonus related misaligned joints. We differentiate the functional foot splint from the postural splint and a redressive, in an existing contracture (movement limitation).

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