Occupational Therapy

The achievement of the greatest possible independence and quality of life for our guests in everyday life, this means in personal areas, in the home, at work and at play, is paramount within the context of occupational therapy.

Objectives here are:

This is achieved through a holistic and multifaceted approach to treatment and targeted attention to activities that have a health-promoting and therapeutic effect.

In individual therapy, the individual problems and resources of individuals are most important.

As supplement to individual therapy and to a strengthening of current skills there are individualized group therapies in motor/functional area (e.g. fine motor skills, hand coordination, ...). In addition, daily life-oriented group therapy, adapted to the individual action roles and activities of the guests (e.g. housework training, garden therapy, graphomotor groups) all provide the opportunity to work on individual objectives. 

The following measures are applied:

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